Burroway page 167 warm-up-Morgan Deacon


Left Alone

Damn Obama.  Maybe I should have taken off work and voted.  But then wait, that would mean I would have made less money and we would be worse off than we are now.  Well the point is now moot.  They kicked us out, that is what matters now.  To them its only four walls that is owned by the bank.  It’s okay to them because they have a place to go at the end of the night, a place that they can call home.  So now the million dollar question is where the crap are we going to live.

The air is chilling, leaving everything naked except for the contents of the front yard. I am left standing with Michael and Sarah clinging to my leg staring at the contents of our family structure.  The glider Ann rocked the children in to sooth them.  The ugly life-size stuffed dog that Sarah would not part with.  The mattress that was tossed aside like our marriage.  Sarah looks up at me, shivering and confused.  She is unable to grasp that we no longer live here.  Thank God.  At least she still holds on to her innocence but not for long, it will be taken too, like to house.



Scott stands outside staring at the contents of his home on the front yard.  All the memories are scattered in trash bags.  The sheriff stands impatiently guarding the house from Scott and his two children, who are both shivering beside him.

Sarah cried with desperation, “Daddy what is going on?  Why is Scooby outside?  He is going to get  a cold?”

“Baby, remember what I told you.  We are moving.  Scooby will be warm soon, I promise.”

Scott wasn’t sure he could keep this promise.  Ever since Ann left, he wasn’t sure of anything.  Ann, a devoted mother, found a new family.  One with 2.5 children and a white picked-fence, and of course money.  Money Scott could never provide, as much as he tried.

But now it was only him to survive for his children.  Two jobs and no car.


Although in third person, more information is revealed about the characters, when the story is told in 1st person Scott’s emotions are more clear.  The tone of the perspectives are different.  When told from Scott’s point of view, his anger and nostalgia are both evident.  Whereas, when told in third person  Scott’s anger is less evident.  I personally like first person better because I feel as if as a reader I am more connected to the character.

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“Burroway page 167 warm-up-Morgan Deacon”

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